Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Lot Going On

I have my old friend, who I haven't seen in four years because of a bad break up, in town this weekend.  We  have put the past discord behind us and we are having a great time.  We went to Sullivan's Island last night and ran into a guy we have known for a long time, but have never been close to.

Turns out his older brother was a heroin addict years ago and is now the chief resident at NIH.  It's a long story, but he and his wife at the time were both addicts with two children who were born addicts because of the mother's use of heroin while pregnant.  My friend's brother starting working at Safeway, which is Union, and they put him in detox, then a halfway house.  He then went back to college and got his medical degree and happened to intern at the NIH, then went from there.

It all kind of worked out by some quark of fate.  This guy went from a drug dealing, drug using heroin addict, to having a wonderful life.  It sounds like an urban legend, and if I didn't know this guy, I would never in a million years believe this story.

But life is strange and miracles do happen.

So anyway, it is good to have my friend back in my life and visiting, and it was good to see my friend and hear his story of his brother.  Interesting, how I've known this guy for all the years I've lived here and just now hear the story of his brother.  God is good.

My son is getting married in two weeks and I am chompin at the bit to get to Montana.  I can't wait to see Montana and I can't wait to see my beautiful son marry his beautiful wife.

After the wedding, I will be preparing for my move to Oklahoma.  I am so excited about life right now, even though I am worried about my youngest son.   I have to believe that everything will work out exactly the way it should and all I can do is go with it.

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