Monday, October 19, 2015

Cyber World

I haven't written a blog in over a year and to be frank, I forgot I had one.   I never think about blogging because I have Facebook.  I say all I have to say to friends and family on this venue now.

Tonight, I was going to delete this blog forever but being the ever computer-technology illiterate I am, I can't figure out how to do it.   So instead, I guess I will keep it and write on it once in awhile.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Way It Never Was

I was reading CNN News, Huffington Post, and The New York Times today on my Droid phone, and these are the stories.  8 dead, 14 hurt in Tennessee interstate wreck.
                         Paul Oliver shot himself in the head.
                         Sheriff links sex claims to killing of pastor.
                          Sextortion victim Miss Teen USA knew suspect.
                           Estranged daughter kills her mother and brother, then was killed by her father.
                          Bikers chase driver after accident.
                           Speaker Spineless
                           Obama to Wall Street:  You should be scared.
                          Tea Party Senator:  I'll continue to get paid
                          Here's how the Government shutdown is hurting your state.
                          Republicans lose control
                          Shutdown shows no signs of ending

They go on and on.  Seriously.... On and on.  The same stories over and over with a different twist depending on which one you read.  I can get anything I want on my Droid, it practically thinks for me.  

I have a Kindle that reads for me, and a computer that spells and writes for me.  I pretty much don't have to do anything anymore.  The funny thing about is, I'm sick of it.  I'm sick of not thinking.

I wonder how many others are sick of technology.  I wonder.

I wonder if some day, our children or our children's children will decide to chuck it all and go back to rotary phones and news papers.  I wonder if they will demand pure water out of the tap so they don't have to drink it out of a bottle.  I wonder if they will stop driving cars and start riding bikes instead, or walking, or demand a mass transit system that goes to every city across the U.S. and eliminate cars all together.  I wonder if they will insist on smaller communities where everyone knows everyone and watches out for each other.  I wonder if work weeks will become shorter with fewer hours so they can spend time with family and friends.  I wonder if they will grow their own food and do away with frozen and canned foods completely.  

I think this day is coming.  I think people are eventually going to get sick of being medicated to the gills just so they can cope with every day life.  I think people are going to get sick of depending on technology to think, speak, and guide them.  I think people are going to get sick of cars, traffic, planes, and big cities.  I think people are going to get sick and tired of the government saying one thing, doing another, constantly fighting among themselves and never getting anything done.  

I'm already sick of it all.  I want to go back to rotary phones that aren't attached to my hand.  I want to eat organic food that I grow and I want clean water out of the tap.  I want to look up at the sky and only see clouds.  I want to walk to the store and walk to the diner and walk to the doctor and walk to my friends house, without fearing some medicated or stressed out raging idiot isn't going to kill me with their car.  

Would it be so bad to have the social conscious we have evolved in to without all the other crap that progress has brought.  Would it?  Would it be so bad to speak face to face and eat face to face and travel with strangers who speak?  Strangers who aren't so stressed out they actually exchange niceties?

I would like to go back to the 1800's lifestyle, with the civil rights and medical miracles we have now.  The way it never was but could be.  I hope my grand children or great grand children get as sick of our lifestyle as I am now, and I hope they start a new way of life.  It's too late for us.  There is no way I'm giving up my Droid and computer.  No way.  I wouldn't know what to think.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Ever noticed the difference between the way a man compliments a woman and the way a woman compliments a woman?  Men are seemingly indifferent and hesitant when it comes to flattery.  Women are seemingly shocked and on the verge of hysteria.

Man flattery:   "You look nice."
                      "That hair style looks good."
                      "Those jeans make your ass look good."
                      " You smell nice."
He says the same things all the time and it's usually in a monotone, like it's an effort to think of something to say.  At least you know it's somewhat sincere though, because it is so difficult to pull it out of them.  A woman, on the other hand, will practically jump on you and lick you.

Woman flattery:  "  OH MY GOD!   I LOVE YOUR HAIR!"
                           " OH MY GOD!   THOSE JEANS LOOK AWESOME ON YOUR BUTT!"
                           " OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT PERFUME YOU'RE WEARING?  I LOVE IT!"

I am guilty of this too.  I get so excited when a friend looks good, I just HAVE to tell her.  And I HAVE to scream it in her face so she will know I mean it.  I HAVE to go on and on about how great she looks, as if she will DIE if I don't.

I sometimes wonder if what a woman is saying to me, is how relieved she is that I finally look good.  All the screaming and hysteria that comes with a compliment scares me.  I think I must have really looked bad before to conjure up such extreme emotions from another person.  Maybe I'm paranoid, but I think sometimes these compliments are really insulting.

I guess it's just another way men and women are different.  It's kind of funny.  In fact, it IS funny, which is why I laugh every time I get a compliment.  Don't get me wrong, I have a huge ego that requires feeding almost all the time, so I LOVE flattery.  It cracks me up though.  Pretty much everything about humans cracks me up.  We are so weird.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I Love The People Of Oklahoma

When my sister and I were driving to see Mom today, we were stopped at a red light behind a guy in a truck who had a huge load of wood in the back.  They were planks of thin wood, and when he stopped at the light a whole bunch of them fell out of the truck.  As the guy was struggling to lift and put the huge pieces back on his truck, three guys from three cars got out to help him.  Two were black guys, one was white, and all were thinking of nothing except committing an act of kindness.

I literally applauded them as they walked back to their cars because it made me feel so damn good to see it. In other places I have lived, people would have honked their horns and driven by waving their fists and cursing the guy.  But here in this silly town of silly politicians, the real people who work and live are wonderful.  Kindness, consideration, and helping hands are here.

I love the real people of Oklahoma.  This is why I moved back.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Having Fun

I have a girlfriend who wanted to set me up with a friend of hers, so we went to a Make A Wish party that he was sponsoring.  She said he was around 5'11, British, and would be crazy about me.

Well.... He was around 4'11, about as British as my uncle from Mississippi, and so obviously gay that I can't believe my friend didn't know.  Either she is an idiot, or she really has a strange sense of humor.   It didn't matter because I completely ignored the guy after meeting him anyway.

I said hello to him then headed straight for the food.  As I was filling my plate with finger food, I looked up to see The Judge standing in line at the bar.  The guy is everywhere I go.

I was glad to see a familiar face, and The Judge is a fun guy.  He loves to dance and so do I, so we danced  to disco tunes of the eighties.

During a break in dancing, I met a retired doctor who asked me to dance.  I danced with him and he asked for my number, so I gave it to him.  Hey, why not.  I figure I should go out with everyone and at the very least, make new friends.  The Doc will be in the friend category, I'm pretty sure.  He is short.

Sorry, but I don't go for short guys.  I am friends with short guys, but I'm not attracted to them.  Sorry!  Okay, never say never.  Whatever.

It was a fun night that I really needed.  I REALLY needed a night of dancing and fun.  REALLY.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


There are many things I love about Oklahoma.  I love the Plains, the mountains, the rolling hills, the birds, the trees, the sky, the people, and most of all I love the weather.  I love the storms.

Because parts of Oklahoma are flat, you can watch the weather move across the sky.  You can see a storm moving in from miles away.  The dark purple sky comes roaring in and you can be on one side of the road where it is hot and sunny, then drive across that road to darkness and cold.  The wind blows almost all the time and when it's hot, that wind is a godsend.  Literally.

That happened to me yesterday.  I was driving to see Mom with my windows down, and it was hot and muggy.  I literally crossed a street and it was 20 degrees colder with a dark sky.  It's kind of amazing.

If you go West to the Panhandle, it's desert with mountains called Black Mesa.  If you go East in Oklahoma, it's rolling hills with lush greenery.  If you go Southeast, there is Marshland.  If you go Southwest, it's grassland.

Oklahoma is a combination of everything.  It's beautiful.

The people here are the best.  For the most part, they are genuine.  No pretense, no bullshit, just really great people who will give you the shirts off their backs.  There are no strangers here.  If you visit Oklahoma, you will find the most friendly people in the world.  You will get a smile and a hello from everyone you walk by.  Good manners and friendly gestures were born here.

Aside from the fact that my time here so far has been sad and stressful due to the ill health of loved ones, I'm thrilled to be back in my home state.  I really love this place and the people in it.  It's good to be home.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Thoughts

The weather went from 80 degrees to 40 degrees in about 30 minutes yesterday.  You can't talk about global warming in Oklahoma because the weather has always been whacky.  We don't know the difference between normal weather and weird weather.  

I just read a study on Huffington Post about the size of penis women prefer.   They obviously didn't do enough research or ask women over 50 what they think.

It would make me very happy if some of my friends who drink would stop calling me when they are drunk.  I can't understand a word they say, and I can't get them off the phone.  Drink all you want, but call me when you're sober.

Why are there so many campus killings in Texas?

I can't decide if I am going to see Mom today.  If it stops raining and gets back up to the 60's or 70's, I will. I feel guilty if I don't see her every day, but I really don't want to leave the house today.  We'll see.

I read they are making a TV series out of a Stephen King book called, The Dome.  It was a good book until the end, then it was stupid.  But I want to see the series because I always love King's characters.

Tonight is one of the nights I meet up with friends for dinner.  I want to meet them, but when I was a kid and stayed home from school, I wasn't allowed to go out and play if I couldn't go to school.  I feel that way about going to see Mom today.  If the weather is too yucky for me to go see her, it's too yucky for me to go play with my friends.  Funny how those lessons stay with you.

Maybe I will clean this huge monster of a house today.  At least then I will feel productive.